• Competency-based interviewing techniques

    • Competency based interviewing is a structured interview approach which aims to gather evidence about how well a candidate is likely to perform in a particular role. This is achieved by asking them to describe past experiences of when they have demonstrated particular competencies.

      The reason for exploring their past experiences is that research demonstrates that past behaviour is a strong predictor of future behaviour. You should, therefore, ask questions relating to a number of competencies which are vital to success in the role.

      The basic model that you should use is the STAR approach:

      S – Situation – what was the situation?

      T – Task – what task were they asked to do, or did they decide to do?

      A – Action – what action did they take?

      R – Result – what was the result?                                                            

      Get them to talk about specific previous experiences, rather than their general way of working.  Typically you might start the process with questions such as “Describe a time when…,” or “Tell me more about....”

      You should ask all candidates the same questions to ensure that everybody gets the same opportunity and the process is completely fair for everyone. Take notes throughout to ensure that you have an accurate record of everything said. 

      Ultimately you should have a much better understanding of each interviewee and how they are likely to perform, meaning that the process of deciding on the best person for the job is that much easier and the best choice.