• Recruitment Guide & Tips

      Whether you’re looking to replace someone or hiring for a new position, recruiting can be a time-consuming affair that also requires an investment in financial terms too. 

      Get it right and you can see the business take off, get it wrong and you can have yourself a real headache.  There will always be a risk in taking on someone new, but if you use this blueprint of how to recruit successfully, then you should minimise any potential problems.

      Define the Vacancy

      Your first task is to assess what the role actually entails – what do you want them to do, what duties will they be required to perform and to what standards.

      Finding the Right Candidate

      There are a few different strategies that you can take to find potential candidates, including advertising yourself, internal promotion or using a recruitment agency.

      Interviewing Guide

      Once you have made a shortlist of candidates, you can start the interview process. Here are a few tips to help.

      How to Make an Offer

      Once your interviews have been completed and you have decided on the best candidate for the role and the company, you can move to the offer stage.