• Meet the team

      Beck Gander Food Manufacturing Recruitment Manager

      Becky Gander, Recruitment Manager

      As one would expect of a Recruitment Manager, Becky has loads of previous experience, mainly within the world of generic temporary recruitment. Originally worked in the care industry and so has come to look after all of us with great tenderness and sensitivity.

      Hates - being disorganised, the rain, my next door neighbour (can I put that?),  queue jumpers, rudeness
      Super power - mind control as I think it would be fun

      LinkedIn profile - Direct Dial - 01435 510962 - becky@b3jobs.co.uk

      Clint Green Food Manufacturing Recruitment Consultant

      Clint Geens, Recruitment Consultant

      Having previously worked within food manufacturing recruitment, Clint brings with him a wealth of excellent experience.  Despite claiming to be a technology geek, he has a mobile older than some of his colleagues…which makes our day!

      Loves – pretty much all animals, especially dogs, gaming and cooking

      Can’t be without - my gaming PC and spaghetti Bolognese

      LinkedIn profile - Direct Dial - 01435 510593 - clint@b3jobs.co.uk

      Emily Snaith, Recruitment Consultant

      Emily joins us from a designer retail background where she ensured the smooth running of everything from customer services and marketing campaigns to VIP launch parties and executive conferences. She has brought with her much needed fashion advice to the b3 office…

      Loves weather films but hates the cold…
      Super power – would like to retain all useless information to become pub quiz champion

      LinkedIn profile – Direct Dial 01435 510966 – emily@b3jobs.co.uk

      Giverny Robinson-Sivyer, Food Manufacturing Recruitment Consultant

      Etienne Robinson-Sivyer, Recruitment Consultant

      Having heard how wonderful we are, Etienne joins her sister at b3 and up makes the first ever in-house siblings!  Multi-talented within sales, marketing, customer service and CRM management, she also brings with her a fabulous collection of herbal teas.

      Described by self – bubbly, mildly irritating and easily amused
      Can’t be without – my bed, a good film or book and mashed potato

      LinkedIn profile - Direct Dial - 01435 510965 - etienne@b3jobs.co.uk

      Giverny Robinson-Sivyer, Food Manufacturing Recruitment Consultant

      Giverny Medhurst, Senior Recruitment Consultant

      It’s safe to say that we’ve never had anyone make quite so many cups of tea, which is definitely no bad thing! Always enthusiastic, Giverny never seems to run out of steam so, whilst being a Recruitment Consultant, she is also studying for a degree in Leadership and Management!

      Hates – people who don’t say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, celery and reality TV
      Would die for – a chance to meet Michel Roux Jnr

      LinkedIn profile - Direct Dial - 01435 510968 - giverny@b3jobs.co.uk

      Marcus Brasier Food Manufacturing Recruitment Director b3 jobs

      Marcus Brasier, Managing Director

      An Honours degree graduate in Hotel and Catering Management from Oxford. Marcus has been a chef, run a pub, sold advertising to Group Ad Manager level, been a sales trainer for a team of 80 and finally worked in recruitment since 1998, initially with chefs and now in food manufacturing.

      Likes – biltong and pork scratchings
      Described by self – an utterly fantastic boss

      LinkedIn profile - 01435 866000 - marcus@b3jobs.co.uk

      Ryan Marchant, Recruitment Consultant

      Having worked for one of our clients for almost four years, Ryan has now jumped ship and come over to the dark side… A keen local footballer who, having lived in France for several years, is now our multi-lingual expert, thus giving b3 a truly international twist!

      Would die for – a date with Ariana Grande
      Hates – mushrooms, people who don’t say please or thank you

      LinkedIn profile – Direct Dial 01435 510963 – ryan@b3jobs.co.uk

      Sarah Lanius-Roberts Food Manufacturing Recruitment Marketing Advertising Manager

      Sarah Lanius-Roberts, Advertising & Marketing Manager

      Upon joining b3, Sarah almost immediately changed her name by getting married. Initially working for us as a Recruitment Consultant, Sarah now single-handedly runs the back of house functions for b3 whilst teaching everyone the most useful computer tips.

      Would die for - a date with Justin Timberlake
      Cat or dog - dog

      LinkedIn profile - Direct Dial - 01435 510964 - sarah@b3jobs.co.uk

      Marcus Brasier Food Manufacturing Recruitment Director b3 jobs

      Steve Bunch, Business Development Director

      Having studied Meat Science at Smithfield College coupled with 22 years recruitment experience, Steve is an expert at providing companies with pro-active recruitment solutions that work.

      Steve has first-hand knowledge and experience which is invaluable in understanding food manufacturers’ recruitment needs. 

      Super power - Jedi Knight
      Likes – kite flying, fine wine and shooting

      LinkedIn profile - 01435 510589 - steve@b3jobs.co.uk

      Suzy Standen-Payne, Recruitment Team Leader, Technical and Quality

      Suzy Standen-Payne, Recruitment Team Leader

      Suzy’s background is predominantly within the world of travel – including flying the world in first class so she has tip top customer service skills and one or two stories as well! Suzy is also an avid triathlete that puts the rest of us to shame.

      Super power – psychic powers
      Can’t be without - my Beetle

      LinkedIn profile - Direct Dial - 01435 510961 - suzy@b3jobs.co.uk

      Tamsin Bishuty Food Manufacturing Recruitment Resourcer

      Tamsin Bishuty, Recruitment Resourcer

      Prior to running her own catering operations, Tamsin came from a background of office administration which included debt collecting.  She therefore takes no nonsense from any of us and is an absolute godsend when it comes to database management!

      Super power – I’d love to talk to animals like Dr Dolittle or be invisible
      Can’t be without – hair dryer/straighteners

      LinkedIn profiletamsin@b3jobs.co.uk

      Tom Shaw | Food Manufacturing Recruitment Consultant

      Tom Shaw, Recruitment Consultant

      Having already been recruiting into the food & beverage manufacturing industries for almost 10 years, Tom brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the b3 team.  A tremendously keen football fan, his new mantra is now “recruitment’s coming home”!

      Hates? Cucumber and melon

      Super power? To be able to read my wife’s mind!!

      LinkedIn profile - tom@b3jobs.co.uk

      Victoria Holyoake | Food Manufacturing Recruitment Consultant | Operations Engineering

      Victoria Holyoake, Senior Recruitment Consultant

      Victoria joined us having run dental practices for a number of years before doing the travelling thing. However, having got bored sitting on a coral beach, decided that recruitment was her true destination in life!

      Hates - the rain
      Super power – click my fingers and be anywhere I wanted in the world in a split second

      LinkedIn profile - victoria@b3jobs.co.uk