• Meet the team

      Beck Gander Food Manufacturing Recruitment Manager

      Becky Gander, Recruitment Manager

      As one would expect of a Recruitment Manager, Becky has loads of previous experience, mainly within the world of generic temporary recruitment. Originally worked in the care industry and so has come to look after all of us with great tenderness and sensitivity.

      Hates - being disorganised, the rain, my next door neighbour (can I put that?), queue jumpers, rudeness
      Super power - mind control as I think it would be fun

      LinkedIn profile - Direct Dial - 01435 510962 - becky@b3jobs.co.uk

      Lucy Dawson, Database Administrator

      Having previously worked within recruitment, but most recently at an auctioneer, Lucy has brought with her extensive administration and customer-facing skills plus an eye for a bargain. She is also highly popular for introducing 'Thank Crunchie Fridays'.

      Likes – Cornwall, books and a glass of red wine
      Can’t be without – my kids and hubby

      LinkedIn profile - lucy@b3jobs.co.uk

      Marcus Brasier Food Manufacturing Recruitment Director b3 jobs

      Marcus Brasier, Managing Director

      An Honours degree graduate in Hotel and Catering Management from Oxford Brookes. Marcus has been a chef, run a pub, sold advertising to Group Ad Manager level, been a sales trainer for a team of 80 and finally worked in recruitment since 1998, initially with chefs and now in food manufacturing.

      Likes – biltong and pork scratchings
      Described by self – an utterly fantastic boss

      LinkedIn profile - 01435 866000 - marcus@b3jobs.co.uk

      Sarah Lanius-Roberts Food Manufacturing Recruitment Marketing Advertising Manager

      Sarah Lanius-Roberts, Advertising & Marketing Manager

      Initially working for us as a Recruitment Consultant, Sarah now single-handedly runs the marketing, website and back of house functions for b3 whilst teaching everyone the most useful computer tips.

      Favourite things - Coffee, the beach and pub gardens
      Cat or dog - dog (always!)

      LinkedIn profile - Direct Dial - 01435 510964 - sarah@b3jobs.co.uk

      Suzy Standen-Payne, Recruitment Team Leader, Technical and Quality

      Suzy Standen-Payne, Recruitment Team Leader

      Suzy’s background is predominantly within the world of travel – including flying the world in first class so she has tip top customer service skills and one or two stories as well! Suzy is also an avid triathlete that puts the rest of us to shame.

      Super power – psychic powers
      Can’t be without - my Honda Jazz

      LinkedIn profile - Direct Dial - 01435 510961 - suzy@b3jobs.co.uk

      Tom Shaw | Food Manufacturing Recruitment Consultant

      Tom Shaw, Senior Recruitment Consultant

      Having already been recruiting into the food & beverage manufacturing industries for almost 10 years, Tom brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the b3 team.  A tremendously keen football fan, his new mantra is now “recruitment’s coming home”!

      Hates - cucumber and melon
      Super power - to be able to read my wife’s mind!!

      LinkedIn profile - Direct Dial - 01435 510968 -  tom@b3jobs.co.uk