• The 5 worst things you can do in an interview

    • How to not give a bad job interviewSince May 2000, b3 jobs has arranged literally thousands of interviews, always providing helpful interview guidelines to our candidates on how to prepare, how to behave and also useful interview questions for them to both answer and ask.

      Whilst we believe that these are quite comprehensive, there some scenarios that you can never predict.  

      Here are our top 5 worst things that have happened during an interview.


      1. Don’t turn up with your family.

      One candidate took along his wife, mother, father and three children to an interview.  Rather than wait in the car, they all came into the company reception and sat down.  The company was slightly taken aback but was good-natured enough to give them all a drink in their canteen.  He didn’t get the job.

      2. Don’t turn up drunk.

      We all get a bit nervous before an interview which is natural however, one candidate took his Dutch courage a little too far!

      A large client of ours was looking to fill a senior management position and had several interviews arranged. One interviewee turned up and it seemed that they had just stepped out of the pub. Although they were eating cough sweets to try and disguise the smell of alcohol, it didn't go unnoticed that the candidate was slurring their words. They didn’t get the job.

      3. Don’t answer your phone.

      This has actually happened more than once.  If you forget to turn off your mobile and should it ring, apologise but do not answer it!  One candidate actually answered the phone and asked the interviewer if he could please give him a moment! He didn’t get the job.

      4. Don’t ask the interviewer for a date. 

      No matter how well you feel an interview is going, it should always remain professional. One candidate decided he was doing so well, and that he liked his potential new boss so much, he actually asked the interviewer if she was free after they had finished for a drink! He didn’t get the job.

      5. Don’t start pleading to be given the job. 

      No matter how much you want or need a job, don’t stoop to pleading nor crying to try and gain the sympathy vote – it won’t work!  My heart went out to this one candidate who was so desperate for a job they were almost begging on their knees with tears streaming down their face.  They didn’t get this role but, after a little interview technique refresher, we got them another and they’re still there to this day!

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