• Hot off the press – 2021 Food Manufacturing Salary Survey

      Now in its 9th year, our annual food manufacturing salary survey has been compiled to help both companies and employers ensure that they are paying enough, and being paid enough, respectively!

      The survey is based on vacancies that we have recruited for over the last 12 months, comprising of 40 different job titles and covering all food manufacturing job disciplines from technical and engineering to operations and development.

      Each job title lists the lowest and highest salaries, plus the overall average.

      View 2021 Salary Survey

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      • The secrets of getting that job – CV guidelines, cover letters, surviving an interview, questions that you should be asking and able to answer, presentations, counteroffers, resigning and much more.

      If you decide that you’re not being paid enough then you can also search our jobs, and if you’re looking to recruit then we can send you our latest list of active candidates.

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