• The top 10 tips you need when starting a new job

    • tips for starting a new jobSo you’ve sent off your applications, you’ve attended the interviews and you’ve landed yourself a new job.  You’ve done the tough bit and now it’s all plane sailing….or is it?  You should treat the first few months in a new job as an extension of the interview itself, so you can’t sit back and relax – you very much need to be on the ball.  Here are 10 things that you must remember in order to maximise your success:

      1. Arrive early, with a positive mental attitude - and looking the part! 
      2. Get to know people and let them know who you are – remember that first impressions count.  Don’t expect people to come to you so take the initiative to introduce yourself and begin to start build those working relationships.
      3. Start doing what they hired you for!  Sounds obvious, but you want to make a great initial impression.  Keep track of your achievements and contributions so that you can produce these at future reviews.
      4. Get to know your surroundings. This includes knowing a) where the tea and coffee is and most importantly b) how people take it!  Understand the culture and abide by it – the littlest things can mean so much to others, you are a stranger and so be respectful.
      5. Suss out who’s who – which ones are the players, most likely those that have been there the longest, and nurture your relationship with them.  They will be able to guide you through company politics as well as the inside jokes. Start networking but avoid office politics and gossip.
      6. Start a routine and stick to it.  Try to address any weaknesses that you might have – we all have them!  This will make life easier for you but it’s also an opportunity to improve your skills.  Being organised is key to your success.
      7. Get the boss on your side by establishing from the start what their expectations are of you – the first week, month, three months…and keep them informed of your progress.  Likewise if you’re in a man-management role then start by setting your expectations of your team.  Your first week sets the tone.
      8. Go the extra mile.  Initially you might not have the right skills and experience, but you do have the ability to work hard.  People will appreciate this and so it will create a solid foundation for your future.  It will also make you stand out for all, the right reasons!
      9. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask for help too.  When starting a new job you’ll probably be conscious about asking foolish questions.  However, you’re going to look even more foolish if you do something completely wrong because you didn’t ask!
      10. Being the newest member of a team can be both exciting and challenging so you should seize the opportunity and enjoy it too - this is after all the new job that you wanted so make the most of it!
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