• Staff retention and how to do it

    • Staff retention advice | How to keep the best staff | UK business FMCG advice | b3 jobsWhen you add up the time and costs involved in replacing a member of your team, the results can we quite shocking.  It therefore makes sense to try and retain your staff, or at least the good ones!  Here are some handy tips to help you:

      1. Know your team – talk to them as much as you can about their role and also about themselves.  This should be on a regular basis, not just in an annual review.  You will be able find out what their likes and dislikes are and then enhance the former and solve the latter.
      2. Empower your team by getting them to come up with ideas, make them feel part of the process rather than simply being told what to do – and reward good ideas, give them the recognition that they deserve.
      3. Pay the right salary.  Sounds simple enough but it’s easy to lose people over a small amount of money.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that you’re saving a few pounds when in fact you’re actually costing yourself much more in the long run.
      4. Make your team real people, not numbers.  Give them a sense of belonging and achievement, job satisfaction.  Remember that not everyone is solely motivated by money.
      5. Work doesn’t have to always be formal – make it a fun environment where people enjoy themselves.  Incentivise them with rewards which can range from a scratch card or a bottle of wine to going home early, dressing down days or even holidays!
      6. Give them the career opportunity that they want, help develop their skills, experiences and if possible qualifications too.  Show them that by being pro-active they can further themselves and that you’re going to help them.

      People who work in a fun, progressive and enjoyable environment will not only give more to a company, they will also be more likely to stay.

      Of course sometimes your hands will be tied and you can’t offer someone the career progression that they want or give them the money that maybe they deserve.  Don’t hold them back though, if this is going to happen whatever then support them – your other team members will see this as a positive part of your management style.

      If nothing else, treat retaining your top troops at least as seriously as you do recruiting them. And whatever you do, don't ignore the ones that don't complain…

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