• Sales of organic food continue to rise for the seventh consecutive year

    • Have you gone organic? New research published by the Soil Association has revealed that more and more Brits are opting for organic products, such as dairy, vegetables and even alcohol. 

      Data from the Soil Association, which was supported by Nielsen Scantrack’s data sales figures, shows that sales of organic products have risen by 4% since 2017.

      This research also revealed which organic products were driving the most sales. Organic chilled vegetation products saw the highest increase in sales at 27.8% year-on-year whilst sales of organic alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine and spirits went up by 8.7%.

      The rise in the popularity of organic food wasn’t only reserved for perishable products, as sales of organic canned products and packaged goods rose by 6.6%.

      The Soil Association also claimed that sales from the organic produce and organic dairy markets are growing ahead of the non-organic market, a trend that has been continuing for years now.

      This data also accompanied figures which offered various suggestions explaining why organic food is continuing to grow in popularity. The consumers who responded to the Soil Association’s data said that they chose to eat organic for health reasons, which was most prominent in younger demographics.

      The organic supply chain

      The Soil Association, which is the UK’s leading food and farming charity and organic certified body, claims that every organic product is certified by law and has trackable supply chains.

      The certified body responsible for the research went on to say that each organic product is produced according to strict standards, making them a desirable product in a world where new food scares make the news every other week.

      The trade consultant for the Soil Association Certification, Finn Cottle, suggested that the increased demand for organic foods can be attributed to a rise in organic product lines and a shift in consumer attitudes as more customers are concerned about what they’re putting in their bodies.

      Heightened popularity

      As more and more consumers in the UK snub traditional products for their organic counterparts, brands have noticed the increased demand in the market. Because of this, a range of new organic products has been introduced to the market in the last couple of months.

      To be precise, over 3,000 new products and producers have entered the organic market in the last year. This figure has been confirmed by the Soil Association which certified all the new products and producers, some of which included kefir, hot cross buns and seaweed gin.

      Tideford Organics is just one of the many brands who has benefited from this shift in consumer preferences as sales of their organic soups, pesto and sauces are now very likely to rise.

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