• New Year, New Career

    • Finding a new job in the FMCG industry | FMCG Food Industry Recruitment Advice | Specialists b3 jobsIt is hard to believe that January has already come and gone, 2015 has undoubtedly gotten off to a face paced start. The question is: what are you going to do about it? Is this the year for a change – to maybe find a better position in a better company?  Maybe make some more money and move up in the world. And if that is what you have in mind, how do you go about it?

      Let’s face it, nothing is going to change in your life and career unless you actually make the first move. It doesn’t help to sit back and moan about your job, and how you can’t afford to go on holiday again this year or even consider getting a newer model of car.

      If you want something different for your life this year, then you need to do something different. Things aren’t going to change if you just wait for life to happen around you.  Opportunities happen for those looking out for them, who are prepared to make the change.

      What do you want?

      Think about what you really want and what that might look like. Do you want to earn more money so that you can finally start those home alterations? Do you want to spoil your family or spouse with a nice foreign holiday this year? Do you want to expand your knowledge and perhaps add to your qualifications? Or do you just want to feel more motivated about work - that you are contributing to something more meaningful in life? 

      Why do you want it?

      Often people do not realise why they feel unhappy or de-motivated at work. It is only when you start to explore what you really want and why that’s important to you that you can start to figure out what really makes you tick. For many people work is about far more than a pay cheque. It is about being part of a team, developing something good, innovating, helping people or leaving a legacy.

      Think about what you really enjoy doing at work or even outside of it. It doesn’t need to be a specific task, it can be something like: analytical thinking and problem solving, working with people and managing team dynamics, or improving systems and processes. Find that sweet spot where you know and love what you’re doing. Chances are if you don’t feel that way at work right now then perhaps getting a new job is a step in the right direction.

      Making the match

      When thinking about job hunting it’s a good idea to define your specific skills and areas of expertise. Start looking around at adverts and contacting industry specific agents like ourselves to find out what opportunities exist. If you see an opportunity that appeals to you, think about why you would be suitable – after all that’s the first question people will ask. If you are confident about why you’re the best person for the job it’ll be much easier to sell yourself to someone else.

      Taking the plunge

      Applying and interviewing can be daunting, but don’t hold back just because there’s a chance you might get rejected.  For every no you hear, you’re one step closer to getting a yes. For every obstacle you meet it’s an opportunity to learn more about yourself and the industry. Indeed the food manufacturing industry may be competitive, but it is also growing, which means that new opportunities are opening up all the time.

      Prepare your CV and register it with one of the top industry specific agencies like ourselves. Working with an agency that knows and understands the food manufacturing industry will increase your chances of getting a good placement.

      Don’t wait for another year to pass before making your move, you’ll just be another year older and nothing else will have changed. Make 2015 your career move year, start to look out for opportunities. When you are prepared, things have a way of happening sooner than you think and those things that you dream of, what motivates you, might just be within your reach! 

    • Comments:
      • Andy Ferrell says:4th February 2015 12:34
        Here here! Very much enjoyed reading this and some good words. As you say, nothing will change unless you make it happen.
      • Emma T says:14th February 2015 21:45
        So true! Opportunities are, indeed, everywhere! Some very interesting points and thoughts here to take on board.
      • David Hall says:24th February 2015 16:39
        Very true! A lot of great advice on here, good read
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