• How we find the perfect match for candidates and employers

    • Recruitment is a tale of two halves - there are employers and there are candidates. Unfortunately, not every candidate is suited to every employer and vice versa. Because of this, we go through a rigorous and thorough process each time a new candidate or employer signs up to our service, so we can ensure the best possible outcome and that way everyone’s happy.

      In this blog, we explain how we match candidates with employers to further careers and enhance businesses.

      How we find the right job for candidates

      Let’s start with the stars of the show, the candidates. Here’s how we make sure you’re paired with the right employer to further your career:

      Assess what a role is offering

      When you sign up for our recruitment service, you’ll have a wealth of jobs to choose from. However, not all of these jobs will be to your liking. We need to find out what you are looking for from a new role, whether that’s career development, a healthy salary, or a working schedule that suits your lifestyle.

      Explain the opportunities that come with the job

      Not only do different employers provide their own salaries and working environments, but you need to consider the career path that comes with them. Your scope for progression is important and depending on where you want to take your career, you may be better suited to some employers over others.

      Compare the candidate to the role’s assessment criteria

      Each role that you apply for will have their own criteria (especially in technical fields). For this reason, you might be ineligible for some of the positions that are available. This isn’t an issue, because there will be roles for anyone of any experience level.

      How we find the right candidates for your vacancy

      Now for the employment Yin to candidate’s Yang – here’s how we help employers find the right candidates to fill their vacancies:

      Look at the day-to-day duties of the role

      If we can create a vivid image of what the successful candidate will actually be doing every day, you are more likely to find someone that is willing and able to fill those shoes. Additionally, this will stop you from receiving candidates that don’t have any idea about what it is they’ll actually be doing at work.

      Look at the skills and qualifications the candidate needs

      What professional certifications and workplace experience do you need to fill the vacancy? And more importantly, are these skills and experiences desirable or necessary? It’s very easy to say that you need someone with three years of experience and a bachelor’s degree, but do you really need that. Can you justify from a business perspective the salary that comes with it? Is there an alternative solution we can offer you?

      Create a profile of an ideal candidate’s characteristics

      We aim to provide you with candidates who will assimilate themselves quickly and easily into your workplace culture. We do this by asking you what characteristics you are looking for in your ideal candidate, but we skip the clichés. Everyone is looking for a “hard worker”, but what about their sense of humour, or their ability to take criticism?

      There are so many elements that make a great candidate great and it’s all too easy for a candidate to call themselves a hard worker. We try and be more specific about the kind of person that will fill your company’s vacancy.

      We can help

      Whether you’re looking to further your career in the food manufacturing industry or you’re looking to expand your team, get in touch with us. We can help employers fill their vacancies and find candidates a workplace that they can thrive in.

      For more information, call us on 01435 866000.

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