• Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards

    • Food Manufacturer Awards 2014 b3 jobs food recruitment When I decided to leave my career as a chef and join the world of selling advertising, the perks were immediately apparent – Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 and an office environment to boot!  However, I then learnt about industry awards ceremonies, which on the surface seemed like a free night out.  However, as a member of the advertising sales team, I was expected to attend these gala events and entertain industry players and also the sponsors of course!

      In my 5 years or so in advertising, I must have attended about half a dozen events across several different industries.  I met the odd celebrity, put faces to many voices and names, and gained a good feel for each different industry.  I even ended up dancing on the stage with Showaddywaddy at the Royal Albert Hall for a printing industry awards ceremony – older blog-followers will remember them – but that’s another story altogether…  It might all sound like a good laugh, and it was, but of course it was also still work and so one couldn’t let down the hair quite as much as one might have wanted to! 

      Anyway, things seem to have come full circle and now I find myself sponsoring the industry event - The Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards 2014, to be held in November at the Park Lane Hilton, London.  As a well-established industry supplier, b3 jobs is proud to be the first ever sponsor of the ‘Young Talent of the Year Award’.  This is aimed at celebrating the industry’s new entrants at apprentice, technician and graduate levels to encourage more people to take up careers within food manufacturing.  With such a massive predicted shortage of relevant skilled people in the years to come, it is a serious subject that requires everybody to sit up and take note – or we’ll all go hungry!

      So, if you are fortunate enough to be attending this year’s awards, then look me up and I’ll tell you all about Showaddywaddy…and Bob Monkhouse, Henry Cooper…

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