• What to look for in a recruitment agency

    There’s 1,000’s of agencies out there all vying for your business, but which one do you choose?  Some are good, a lot can be bad and a few can be just the ticket.  Here are some things that you should consider before making a choice:

    • Expertise – do they specialise within the food manufacturing sector, or is this just one of many areas that they cover?  By using experts who genuinely know what they are talking about you will get a much better service and excellent candidates, plus it will make the process that much easier.
    • Established – how long have they been in the market?  As a rule of thumb then the longer they’ve been about then the better they are…bad companies don’t tent to last too long.
    • Recommendation – ask colleagues about who they’ve used previously – as both clients and candidates.  Agencies make all sorts of claims but a personal recommendation shows you whether or not they actually do what they say on the tin!  
    • GDPR compliance - an agency has to get written permission from a candidate in order to send you their CV.  If they don't do this then they are breaking the law and so you should question the agency's other working practices.
    • Ethics – a good agency will want to get the right person for the job and the right job for the person.  This should be their primary focus, not simply making a fast buck.
    • Relationship building – there’s more to recruitment than simply filling a vacancy, it should be about helping your business get the right people that will help you grow long term.
    • Value for money – do not be lulled into using the agency with the cheapest rates.  Ask yourself who’s going to get the best service and quality candidates - the company that pays a fair price or the one demands the lowest?
    • That bit extra – the best agencies will want to put something back into the industry, not just fill jobs.  This can include providing free resources and advice, sponsorship of awards, interesting blogs and much more.