• Step 1 - Define what the purpose of the role is and decide what sort of person you want

      Your first task is to assess what the role actually entails – what do you want them to do, what duties will they be required to perform and to what standards?  Not only should you look at the current state of affairs but also, as your business expands, what other skills, knowledge and experience might be useful in the future? 

      Once you have established the basics then you need to write an accurate job description.  This should include the following but is not an exhaustive list:

      • Job title
      • Who will they report to?
      • Is it a permanent role, or if it’s a contract then how long is it for?
      • An outline of the main purpose of the role
      • Key responsibilities and tasks
      • Hours of work and location of the role

      In addition you should provide the salary, any bonus and benefits such as pension, life assurance etc. plus holidays.  Click here for b3’s salary surveys

      Then you need to write a person specification - what you want them to bring to the table?  Again, not an exhaustive list, but this should include the following:

      • Qualifications
      • Experience
      • Knowledge
      • Skills and abilities
      • Personal attributes

      A great point can be to divide the above into ‘essential’ must-haves and ‘desirable’ extras. 

      Click here for examples of job and person descriptions

      Remember that the more information you can provide, the more targeted the response and so the less time you will spend in sifting through applications. If you are using an agency to recruit then the more information you give them, the more they will love you and the better the quality of CV’s that they send to you 

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