• b3 jobs Referral Scheme

      Fancy earning a quick £100?

      All you need to do is simply refer a friend or pass on the details of a live vacancy. If we manage to successfully place the candidate or fill the vacancy you will earn a referral fee of £100 to spend as you like.

      There is no limit to the amount you can earn through our Referral Scheme, so if you refer five successful friends you could earn a cool £500! 

      Referring is easy, just contact us with details of the candidate or the vacancy and we’ll do the rest.

      Alternatively, you can get the candidate or company to contact us directly - make sure they mention your name and contact details as a referral so you can get paid.

      So why not help a friend or family member find that new job or help a company find a fantastic new member of staff today? 

      Terms and Conditions Apply