• Food Industry Graduates: What To Do After You Graduate?

    • With exams, final projects and graduation looming, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed about your options and pressured to make a big decision about your future and your career. Working out where you want to go next and how to get there will ease some of the worries you have about returning to the big wide world after Uni.

      1. Get a graduate job

      A lot of the time, the reason you’ve studied so hard for so long is so you can pursue a career in your chosen field. In the case of the food industry, you have a huge range of options available to you and a number of ways to approach your job search.

      Registering with b3 jobs is a great first step. You’ll be speaking with our expert recruiters who will chat to you about exactly what you’re looking for and how to get the job you want. It’s completely free and it means that we can do your job searching for you, sending you details of roles that meet your requirements with companies who we have an established relationship with. Rest assured your details will never be sent to anyone without written consent from you first.

      There are lots of different options when starting out in food and our consultants will be able to advise what best fits your chosen career path. For more details check out b3’s Graduate Resource Hub for tips and guidance on getting your foot on to your chosen career ladder.

      2. Pursue postgraduate study

      A lot of people choose to stay in education and pursue a Master’s degree. This is a great way to boost your knowledge and add more weight to your CV as well as making yourself more employable.

      However, make sure you’re staying at Uni for the right reasons, courses are expensive and you don’t have to have a Master’s for a lot of different roles. It’s a big commitment and it’s a good idea to chat to your careers advisor at your university so you can weigh up the options and make sure it’s worthwhile.

      3. Take a gap year

      You’ve spent the last few years working really hard, what better way to celebrate than to see the world? It can be one of the most memorable and fun things that you ever do.

      However, you should try and have a plan of action for when you return. The best way to do this is by having already made contact with consultants like b3 jobs.  That way they can start looking for you before you actually get back – simply register your details and job preferences prior to going and keep us posted on your return date. 

      The most important thing you can do for yourself before you graduate is to have a look at what’s available to you and to get an idea of the route you want to take in the food industry. With our resources and expert help, we can support you with your career goals and find you a position that gives you the skills and experience to pursue your chosen career in food manufacturing.

      Call us on 01435 866000 or send your CV to food@b3jobs.co.uk to register today!

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