• Two of the most important words

    • Writing a thank you letter after interviewSo you’re looking for a new job.  Whether you are currently unemployed, or gainfully employed and just looking for a new challenge, the whole process can been frustrating, time consuming and demoralizing.  It can therefore be very easy to forget the two simple words that can set you apart from everyone else – and maybe even make the difference between success and failure as well!  What are those two words?

      Thank and you - used together of course!

      So, you’ve got an interview.  You turn up, in good time of course, suitably attired, prepared for questions and having done your research on the company. You do well. You provide succinct and relevant examples of how you have dealt with various work related scenarios.  You ask some probing and intelligent questions.  You are standing out of the pack.  Everyone smiles and you conclude the interview with a firm hand shake, good eye contact and say “Thank you for the opportunity to meet with you today”, or something similar.

      Great, nothing wrong with any of that, but you’re not finished yet.

      As soon as you get home, write a thank you note saying how excited you are by the opportunity to work for this excellent company. Thank the interviewer for their time, sign it and then post it, ideally the same day. Just to clarify, for those younger readers, when I say “post it”, I don’t mean one of those sticky yellow notes.  Posting is an old method of non-instant communication that requires some effort.

      “So, what’s wrong with an email?” I hear you say! “Emails are immediate, so why delay by posting?” 

      Because no-one else will.

      Right now you want to stand out and a thank you note in the post will certainly do that.  There is now something physical sitting on the interviewer’s desk reminding them of who you are, that you are different and that you want the job.  In addition, it shows that you have taken time and trouble to go the extra mile rather than taking the easy route of sending an email. 

      So, after your next interview, don’t forget the posted thank you note – you’ll be glad you sent it. It may be old-fashioned, but it works!

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      • Max Scott says:27th April 2015 16:54
        People all too often forget to say thank you - great advice to make you stand out from the crowd! :-)
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