• I always have to chase the agency for news….

    • Contacting food job recruitment agencyOne of the biggest annoyances that people have about using a recruitment agency to find them a new job, is that they always have to chase them for news.  Why can’t the agency call them for goodness sake?

      OK, this would seem to be a fair and reasonable criticism.   And I would totally agree to one extent - even a half good agency should be contacting you as soon as they have any news to tell you – good or bad.  Even if there is no news then, given the time, a courtesy call / email / text saying just this would be great.

      The reality of all this is not quite so simple.  Sure, news should be conveyed immediately.  However, were we to call all our candidates once a week, regardless of any news or not, then we would have no time to do anything else – and that would include finding you a job!  It would therefore be a self-perpetuating task, calling you to tell you no news because I’m spending all my time calling you!

      If we get a job offer for you, or an interview request, or we’ve just taken on a job that looks ideal for you, do you really think that we’re just going to sit there, have a cup of tea and maybe give you a call tomorrow?  Of course not!

      When you’re looking for a new job, especially if it’s because you’re out of work, then it can be very frustrating simply waiting for the phone to ring or an email to come through.  I know, I’ve been there!  However, if you’re using a good agency, then have faith in them to call you as soon as there is any progress – remember, every call they get takes time away from finding you a job! 

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