• Cover letters – how not to write them…

    • How to write a good cover letterWhen applying for a job, people will quite often include a cover letter as well as their CV explaining in more detail why they should be considered for interview.  This letter should always be to the point and is very often a useful aid to the interviewer in their selection process.  However, sometimes the cover letter can be detrimental, even when the CV looks excellent.  An example of this is the following cover letter, which was actually attached to a good CV!

      “I know my application will go unnoticed and yes I know I’m just another graduate trying to make it big into the food industry with just a 2:1 degree under my belt, but hey I’m not going to give up. I may not be the brightest spark out there but I sure do bring a spark to anything I do with bright results. This may be one of the most unprofessional covering messages I have ever written but this time I thought sod it, just be yourself and write whatever comes to your heart. So I am sincerely apologetic if this wasn’t what you was intending to read (if it actually is being read and not just ignored).  All I have to say is I am tired of having to sell myself on paper (or shall I say via a keyboard) so give me a chance to speak directly to you and I will enlighten you all about me because frankly I will just sound tooooooo egotistical and fake writing everything down and indirectly begging for a job. If you employ me it would only be your gain. So you know where to find me if you want me (because you sure as hell do need me)




      Name [withheld]


      P.S. hoping this was an interesting read for you whoever you are with your eyes still fixed to the screen at this point. You deserve a nice break after all the poncy CVs you read every day. So go home put your feet up and have a cuppa tea and remember me tomorrow when you decide to get back to me and invite me for a tea and coffee with biscuits too at my impeding interview.”

      Despite this cover letter, we did speak to this slightly fed up graduate.  After all, they had courage to speak their mind and be totally honest – with a bit of humour thrown in for good measure.  Unfortunately they found their own job before we could help them though – but I’m fairly sure that they had changed their cover letter by then!

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