• Celebrity Foods

    • Have you ever wondered who created your favourite drink, sauce or food? You may be surprised to learn that celebrities are no stranger to investing in and even designing and producing their own edible products.

      To find out which celebrities have created your favourite foods, condiments and drinks, just read on…

      Jaden Smith’s Just Water

      Customers in a Boot’s in Westfield shopping centre were left starstruck when they saw none other than Will Smith handing out bottles of “Just Water” this August.

      Smith travelled to the UK to help launch his son Jaden Smith’s newest business venture. At just 20, Jaden Smith has created a line of sustainably packaged water bottles which are made from paper and sugarcane.

      Previously, Jaden Smith revealed in interviews that he’s wanted to save the earth since he was 11 years old. The launch of Just Water marks the start of Smith’s quest to protect the environment.

      George Clooney’s Casamigos Tequila

      Who doesn’t love tequila and its fiery bite? So naturally, there’s only one way to improve one of the nation’s favourite drinks… add Hollywood’s very own George Clooney.

      That’s right, George Clooney has his very own brand of tequila named Casamigos which translates into House of Friends.

      According to reports, Clooney actually stumbled into the alcohol production industry when he and his friend, Randy Gerber (Cindy Crawford’s husband), spent two years perfecting the taste for themselves when their distillery called to tell them that they were drinking roughly 1,000 bottles of tequila each year.

      The story goes that their distillery then gave them an ultimatum: start a tequila line if they wanted to continue creating their own personalised taste or they would stop production entirely. Luckily for us, Clooney and Gerber opted to start a line of tequila in 2013.

      In 2017 Diageo, a British alcohol company bought Casamigos for US$700 million. So, although Clooney no longer owns the tequila brand, you can still enjoy the smooth, delicious taste of Casamigos knowing that your favourite Hollywood heartthrob spent years taste testing that very same drink.

      Joe Perry’s Rock Your World Sauce

      Joe Perry, lead guitarist of the American rock band Aerosmith, has a taste for the culinary arts as well as a passion for music.

      Over the last couple of years, Perry has expanded his saucy legacy by expanding his condiment brand with the release of “Mango Tango” sweet and spicy sauce, “Boneyard Brew” hot sauce and “Rock Your World” BBQ sauce.

      The condiment range has proved successful for its use of natural ingredients, rock ‘n’ roll names and great flavours which are meant to add some “sweet emotion” to your taste buds, so says Perry.

      Paul Newman’s salad dressing

      Newman’s Own salad dressing is a staple in many homes today however its origins date back to 1982 when the late actor, Paul Newman, and his friend, author A.E. Hotchner founded the brand.

      Much like other celebrities who had no intention to start their own line of food products, Newman initially created the salad dressing for friends as a gift.

      After receiving positive feedback from friends, Newman and Hotchner decided to start their own company. They went on to produce a range of different products, such as popcorn, grape juice and frozen pizzas.

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