• Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards 2014

    • Hands up who enjoyed the 2014 Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards?  Well you obviously can’t see us here at b3 jobs, but if you could then you would see a full house!  Congratulations to all the winners, especially Jodie Adcock of Thorntons who won our sponsored category of Young Talent of the Year.  I was very proud to be able to present this brand new award to such a deserving young lady who we will no doubt be hearing more about in the future – well done Jodie and commiserations to the other finalists. 

      See Jodie Adcock being interviewed by Rod Addy of Food Manufacture

      For those of you that weren’t there then you missed not only a glittering and fun evening at the Park Lane Hilton, but also a great show from Mark Durden-Smith who was hosting the event on behalf of Food Manufacture.  Forgive me Mark, but I don’t believe that many held the belief that you were going to be quite so amusing and entertaining, and a tad risqué at times, as you turned out to be…even if you did accuse me of doing a Leo Sayer impression! 

      I have attended a fair few awards ceremonies in the past in the capacity of the company organising things, but this was my first time as an actual sponsor.  I have to say that previous occasions have ranged from OK to downright boring.  However, this event has definitely changed my perceptions and I shall be attending next year, if they’ll have me back of course!  The food manufacturing industry is a dynamic and vibrant one, which was reflected by last Thursday’s celebrations.  So for those that organised the event, then a big pat on the back – but maybe not from Jaws… 

      Food Manufacture Excellence Awards | b3 jobs Sponsorship | Food Recruitment Consultants

      Food Manufacture Excellence Awards | b3 jobs Sponsorship | Food Recruitment Consultants

    • Comments:
      • Kevin Price says:4th February 2015 12:44
        Looks like a great evening, you all look very smart! Congratulations to all the winners as well.
      • Jonathan Ewen says:25th February 2015 09:24
        Looked like a fantastic evening, good to see young talent in the industry being recognised
      • Louise March says:9th March 2015 11:45
        Such a great night - hope to see you there again this year b3!
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