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    • If you’re looking to advertise your vacancy directly, then probably the best place to do so is in the Food Manufacture magazine or on foodmanjobs.co.uk, both leading sources of food manufacturing jobs and candidates alike - and way ahead of any other medium. 

      Having used both extensively since we set up in May 2000, we have always found the applications received to be of a high quality.  The good news for you is that as a result of this advertising spend, we receive a healthy discount which we can pass on to you in the form of branded advertising - roughly half the price that you would be charged if you went to them directly.  Within the magazine you can do anything from a quarter page up to a double page spread – see the examples below.  Online we offer a comprehensive package that includes not just your vacancy, but also featured recruiter, featured job and premium job.  

      Apart from making an impact with your job(s), other benefits of branded advertising include:

      • Attract passive job seekers – these are people who aren’t actively looking for a new role.  Although some people are looking for a new role, they are not actually actively searching every day.  So, since the magazine and website reaches such a large proportion of the industry, you will make it easy for people to see that you are recruiting and thus encourage them to apply for your job.
      • Attract non job seekers – some candidates may not even be looking for a new role at all, but they will see your ad whilst browsing the magazine and / or website and it may well stimulate them into applying.  Job ads are interesting to all, regardless of whether or not they are actively looking at changing roles.
      • Candidates will know who the job is for – rather than just seeing an anonymous job ad (which could even be their current employer!), candidates can see who you are and what you do. This is likely to increase the quality and quantity of response.
      • Association with b3 jobs – not wishing to blow our own trumpet, but candidates will see that you are associated with ourselves – we are very active within the market frequently promoting our services through on page and online advertising, sponsorship and great marketing of course!

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